Power FM Radio

How to listen

You can listen to Power FM Radio absolutely everywhere!

Listen in your car

Listen to Power FM in your car, all you need is your current mobile phone and either an auxiliary socket or, one of these! This is a car FM transmitter, it sends the signal of your mobile phone to your current car radio system. All you have to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, find a clear frequency on your radio (we recommend 87.5 or 108MHz) and then plug your phone into the transmitter and you’re away! If your car has an auxiliary in socket, just connect your phone to that socket. Power FM uses an exclusive compression and encoding system that will enable you to listen to Power FM while you drive around using your mobile phones existing network, even without 3G coverage! If you listen via TuneIn, click on ‘Options’ and pick the ’20k AAC+ Stream’, this will give you the best performance in your car.

Listen at home

Listen to Power FM at home on your HiFi, you just need one of these cables, and plug your laptop or desktop computer into your Hi-Fi’s ‘auxiliary’ input and you’re away! You can listen to Power FM through your existing Hi-Fi system or television or even surround system. All you need to check is that your existing Hi-Fi system has a free ‘aux in’ or ‘auxiliary in’ input on the rear and you can hook up your laptop or desktop and play Power FM through your existing speakers. The cables are available in 1.2 metre, 3 metre, 5 metre and 10 metre lengths.

Listen on an Internet Radio

Listen to Power FM via any Internet Radio, all you have to do is search for ‘Power FM Radio’ on the directory, or enter our stream address, which is http://www.powerfmradio.com/streams/main-hi.pls. If you haven’t got an Internet Radio, we recommend the Pure Internet Radio, you can buy one here.

Coming soon on FM stations

Power FM is currently in negotiation with various commercial FM stations around the world so we may well be on the FM dial in your area very soon. If you run an FM station, and would like to take our programming (with local opt-outs for adverts, idents, etc…), please contact gavin@powerfmradio.com to discuss.